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QUIZ: What is your current level of foreign language skills?

By taking this quiz you will find out what is your current level of a foreign language. After completing the quiz, you will get a personalized answer, with an estimated level of your language knowledge.

Remember that this is only a quiz and you should take a placement test in a given language to find out the exact level. Moreover, to be sure it’s better to take such a test several times and better yet take several different tests. Then the probability of error decreases.

This quiz is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages developed by the Council of Europe. Like any tool, it has advantages and disadvantages. It is all about finding out more or less what your language level is, if, for example, you want to put it on your CV or want to sign up for a course or you want to know how long it will take you to reach your desired language level (what after taking this quiz you can check here), or just for yourself. Let’s start! TAKE A QUIZ!

And, one more important point, of course, you only analyze one and the same language throughout the entire quiz. If you want to check several languages, take the quiz several times;) If you think someone might need this quiz, share it;)

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quiz language level

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I want you to be successful on your language learning journey, thus I have something more – a planner, thanks you to which you will start learning in a more conscious and thought through way. 

The links to the materials are below. In free resources you will find all the great free things I have for you.

Quiz language level

Quiz language level: By taking the quiz you’ll know your estimated language level.. If you want to go somewhere, it’s good to start with where you are now 😉